Our Mission


Parasites Without Borders was founded as a direct response to the question: What can I do to help eliminate human suffering due to parasitic infections? One answer is to lead to ones strengths. For us the choice was easy; more and better education for all those in a position to apply medical knowledge directly to populations most in need of solutions to alleviate the burden of parasitic diseases. The three of us have had a life-time of experience in teaching parasitic diseases to students of medicine, both within the U.S.A. and abroad. The mission statement is clear; we want to help bring the latest medical and basic biological information pertaining to diseases caused by eukaryotic parasites to every practicing physician and medical student within the United States. Altruism among the medically trained U.S. corp of physicians is legend, and enjoys a rich history of interactions in the tropics around the world. The main problem is that, while many U.S. doctors volunteer their services in the less developed world, they then encounter infectious entities that they have never before even heard of. We want to address this glaring omission in their education by supplying them with a comprehensive textbook on the subject of parasitic diseases and their management. In addition, we will offer an online course based on our book that will enable each student the opportunity of becoming certified in parasitic diseases once they have successfully completed the course.         

Parasites Without Borders will serve as a comprehensive, advanced educational resource and disseminator of basic and clinical information dealing with all aspects of the global problems associated with the acquisition of parasitic diseases that adversely affect people around the world.

Parasites Without Borders will:

1.     Establish a series of resources that emphasizes all aspects of parasitic diseases related to the identification and treatment of these infectious agents. These resources will involve the production of a textbook (initially the 6th edition of Parasitic Diseases). This textbook has been internationally recognized as the seminal medical reference for basic and clinical information summarizing what is currently known regarding all major parasitic infections that infect humans. The corporation will periodically revise this text to reflect additional information whenever necessary, but minimally on an annual basis. We will produce online comprehensive courses on parasitic diseases as well as other resources to serve to disseminate basic and clinical information dealing with all the aspects of the global problem of parasitic disease. This course will be made available free of charge to anyone wishing to register for it.

The corporation will receive funds through several mechanisms including:

a.     Book sales from the hardcover version of Parasitic Diseases and other textbook publications.

b.     Donations from individuals and online crowd sourcing programs.

c.      Membership from organizations whose interest in abating tropical infectious diseases are clearly stated in their charters.

Parasites Without Borders will benefit those affected by parasitic diseases as well as their caregivers by disseminating the knowledge required for prevention and treatment of these diseases. Parasites Without Borders will strongly encourage U.S. physicians to travel to tropical countries to see first hand for themselves the toll these infections have on millions of helpless individuals.

Experts with recognized teaching skills within the corporation will offer a series of lectures to be put up as online course in parasitic diseases using state-of-the-art presentation formats and visuals. The corporation will seek grants from every available resource to help fund this critical project. The corporation considers this one of its main objectives. This online content will be up-graded periodically and will be available free of charge to anyone throughout the world with computer resources. 

Every medical student will benefit from being able to access our textbook Parasitic Diseases and the online course. Many caregivers will undoubtedly become motivated to participate in global health initiatives aimed at controlling or elminating altogether these tropical infectious diseases.